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Before Purchasing Please Read the following - CoVid19 Update - 5th April is a Non-Essential service, and must remain closed until the end of lock down in New Zealand.

New Zealand is currently in a Level 4 Nationwide Lock down, for the next 4 weeks.
(This could be extended to 6 – 8 weeks if needed)

All New Zealanders must remain in their homes except for grocery shopping or picking up medication from the pharmacy.

This means only services deemed essential are open, with strict hygiene, and social distancing conditions.
Essential businesses include Mail and Courier Services as long as they are only carrying products deemed essentials.

All other businesses are non-essential and therefore must be closed until the end of Lock Down.

What does this mean for orders?

Orders placed between 26th March and the end of Lock Down currently 23rd April, will not be sent until the end of lock down, this would be 23rd April at the earliest or maybe later if the lock down is extended.

All NZ Post Postal Services Domestic and International and Courier Post Services are suspended for non-essential services until the end of lockdown.

When does Lock down end?

Lock down will end when the Government gives us authorisation that we may resume business.
This will be in a minimum of 4 weeks, possibly 6 – 8 weeks.

Can I still place an order?

Yes you can still place an order, however it will not be despatched until the Government gives us the all clear.

When will my order be sent?

Orders will be despatched after lock down is over and the Government gives us the all clear.

Any further questions?

Please let us know.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we must implement these changes for the greater good of our customers and country currently.

Stay Safe and Thank you for your support.

The NZSouvenirs Team

Our wooden gifts page is comprised only of native New Zealand wood. It includes everything from fish platters to very unique tablemats and coasters. Because we are a rugby nation we also have the rugby ball shaped tablemat and matching coasters. There are a variety of business card holders and two fantastic Rimu clocks. Chopping boards, cheese boards and rulers.

The photo albums and frames page is a delight to anyone. The albums have black pages and we find often a silver pen is purchased from a stationers and used for writing throughout. The photo frames and from Heritage NZ and are beautifully designed.

We take our Skincare seriously and have included only the best most popular products. These include the Manuka Honey range. The Alpine Silk lanolin, the Royal Jelly and the Rotorua Mud. These are the top ranges sold throughout the country and judging from the feedback they are the most successful.

Merino Possum knitwear is a very special blend. Not many people know that although it is much lighter to wear it is far warmer than the average woolen garment. The possum fur is to fine to weave into anything by itself but when those fine hairs are blended with sheeps wool (Merino) they create an incredibly warm soft light material.

Most of our T-shirts are New Zealand made. They are pre washed and will not shrink much at all.

All of our Ugg Boots are the official legal licenced New Zealand Ugg boots. As per the licencing agreements we can only send them within Australasia - (New Zealand and Australia) They are very sought after, but don't worry if we run out of stock in the store it only take an extra couple of days to get new stocks in.

Just new into this website is our Soft Toys range of Kiwis & Sheep. We have a great range of the very latest from our many suppliers.

Our store, "The Gift Box" is located in Taupo, New Zealand. Taupo is in the middle of the North island. It is a part of the Waikato region. We have our store in the middle of town Specialising in gifts for just on 12 years now. Most items on this website are kept in stock all the time, but obviously every now and then we will sell right out of an item. In this case we will email you and advise of the time delay. We try hard to ensure our stock is New Zealand made as much as possible. As you can imagine this is not always possible, but we endeavor where the price is right to buy products that are NZ made. We will always have some imported items as it brings a better price point, and gives you the customer more choice.

After 12 years we consider ourselves specialists in exporting Gifts and effortlessly filling out all the customs forms and requirements, having learnt all the many procedures required.

New Zealand is well know for its rugby (as we are the best) and our remarkable team called the "All Blacks". We seem to have many Kiwi Icons such as jandals, the Pukeko bird, The Kiwi bird, the invention of the Pavlova (arguably), the New Zealand Fern, bungy jumping and the Buzzy Bee. There are of course many other favorites that New Zealand is well know for like out Manuka Honey Skincare. Also our lanolin is renowned for being incredibly good for your skin. The sheep population in New Zealand last count was approximately 40 million.

If you are coming for a visit to Taupo, and buying New Zealand souvenirs some helpful advice to know... The Taupo lake is 616 square kilometers and is the largest lake in the country. Also note that it was formed by a SUPER VOLCANOE approximately 26 000 years ago. Its all safe now, so make sure you come and visit on your way through our country.

Our range includes wood gifts, Manuka Honey, Bone pendants, Ugg Boots, All Black accessories, T-shirts, soft toys, chocolates and Buzzy Bee. I time we will expand the range but for now that is quite enough. We are owner operators here in Taupo and have lived in New Zealand all of our lives.

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